Students wishing to become music majors at Mars Hill University should:

1. Apply to and be accepted by MHU through the normal admissions process via the Mars Hill University Office of Admissions

2. Complete the online Music Application Form

3. Schedule and complete the Music Major Entrance/Scholarship Audition

Prospective music majors are formally admitted to the Department of Music after successfully completing the Music Major Entrance/Scholarship Audition. The audition can only be scheduled after formal acceptance to the university and completion of the Music Major Application Form (Steps 1 and 2 above). The audition requirements are unique to each applied area and will be communicated to the student after receipt of the online Music Major Application. Each audition consists of a performance on the student's primary instrument/voice and an evaluation of fundamental musical skills.

Scholarship priority will be given to those students who complete the audition by April 15 of the student's senior year of high school.

Incoming students may practice their music theory and aural skills by visiting Music majors and minors are highly encouraged to be proficient in music literacy (treble and bass clefs), music notation, and the fundamentals of music.